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Things Fall Apart

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As explained above, the missionaries are a main source of change in this book. This topic delves into the cultural differences between the missionaries and the colonial West in general and the Igbo culture represented in the story. The laws—and punishments for breaking laws—are different.

Their language is different.

Their views of each other are different. In your essay, analyze these differences , explaining how they lead to friction.

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Fire plays a major role in Things Fall Apart. It spreads and becomes uncontrollable at times. In Chapter 15, we get a pretty clear indication of what the locusts symbolize—Obierika mentions a comment from the Oracle that compares the locusts to the arrival of the white men. But locusts do cause harm, much like the missionaries they represent. At first viewed by Umuofia residents as just some harmless pest, the missionaries soon take over the village and destroy the Igbo culture. Okonkwo possesses many of the traits of a tragic hero. He has hubris , or excessive pride.

The story reverses the fate of Okonkwo, who was once well-respected in his community, then exiled and feared. But most importantly, he possesses a tragic flaw that leads to his downfall—his fear of weakness. However, they each have different personalities and ways of approaching the Umuofia residents.

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Brown is kind, generous, and willing to learn about the culture and traditions of Umuofia. Reverend Smith, on the other hand, is much harsher in his approach.

He is completely intolerant of Igbo traditions and religion. He not only expects converts to have nothing to do with their old customs but also encourages them to be fanatical in their new beliefs. Ikemefuna comes along, and the two form a strong bond. Ikemefuna teaches Nwoye how to be more traditionally masculine without going overboard like Okonkwo , and it seems like Nwoye and his father have started to mend their relationship.

Okonkwo messes that all up by killing Ikemefuna. Nwoye mourns the loss of his friend and rebels against his father.

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