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In other words, he is responsible for which software is used, how it is deployed, how it is built, and identifying missing pieces. To manage the deficiencies in commercial software, his group built its own software development shop, which had grown into a startup within the company. Further, he had observed first-hand how the current model of health care is costly and unsustainable.

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There are a lot of opportunities to cut costs and provide higher quality healthcare. The second question asks applicants to describe a time they were faced with a challenge and how they responded. Initially, Ehab considered discussing how he came to the U.

However, he decided it was too far in the past and he wanted to talk about something more recent. After much consideration, he decided to share the story of his divorce. I described how I focused on those goals and was able to achieve them. Share your unique story and the strengths you will bring to the program.

The third essay, says Ehab, was more straightforward, but required a lot of thought. Applicants are asked how they will handle the additional demands on their time once they enroll. As for job responsibilities, Ehab notes that he had finished the implementation stage of the clinical system and built the startup — and he had two physicians on board to fill in for him when he was at Wharton.

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The logical approach worked for Ehab, whose essays helped earn him a spot in the East Coast class of Of course, the essays are only part of the application. But trust me, you want to take the GMAT.

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Ehab says he now understands why the test is required and is glad he took it. Even preparing for the writing part of the GMAT was helpful because I brushed up on my writing skills. That preparation was invaluable. For preparation, Ehab studied with free courses on Khan Academy while his kids who are now 13, 11 and 8 did their homework.

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Deciding that the MBA application essay was truly a chance to reveal himself as a whole person—beyond his resume and test scores—Brad Shervheim dug deep and made himself vulnerable; It paid off. I'm a Senior Sales Engineer at New Relic, a software company that delivers analytics for websites and software tools. Eileen: Okay. Brad, your first year on the program is well underway. Looking back, can you talk a little bit about why you wanted to pursue your MBA? So, getting an MBA will help me with my short-term career goals of breaking into management.

My long-term career goals are to potentially pivot into a new role in sales, as a sales director or sales executive or to completely pivot into finance.

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You also addressed another short-answer question about your fit with the culture here at Berkeley Haas—through the lens of the Defining Leadership Principles. I actually grew up in Southern Minnesota in a rural town. My family is mostly blue-collar workers, and the status quo would've actually been for me to graduate from high school and start working immediately. But I was the first person in my family to go to college. Brad and Eileen in the studio.

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Eileen: Can you talk a little bit about how you felt about the essay portion of the application? Brad: I think of the essays as an opportunity to differentiate yourself. I really appreciated the fact that I could write something and have someone understand more about me than just the stats on my resume or the check-boxes, etc.

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Eileen: That's exactly the purpose of the essays, and t here really isn't a "right" answer. We want people to show their personality and share their story and what they're passionate about.

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Eileen: I think the six-word story was originally credited to Ernest Hemingway, where his friends challenged him to write a novel in six words. It does require some out of the box thinking. And then, after putting the six words together, applicants have a chance to elaborate on what their six-word story means to them.

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Brad: So it's kind of writing a haiku and then explaining why it's important to you. Yes, and we hope it's a fun way for our applicants to share a little bit more about themselves too. Brad: Is there a specific topic that you want applicants to cover with the story? Eileen: We hope that the other parts of your application cover your academics and your work experience and that the six-word story and your essays in general round out who you are. We don't have any expectations of what the topic should be.

Brad, can you talk a little bit about your process for developing an idea and crafting your essay? Brad: I wanted to express who I am at a deeper level.