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I used to show weakness and that I was scared but, I learned that's what they feed on. If you show weakness then they know your easy to get to. So my suggestion is to ignore them and stand up for yourself!

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Be strong! Bullying needs to stop, it has gone on for way to long. Every tme someone things of a way to get rid of bullies they always fing a way around it. I personaly say that bullying is one of the worst things to ever happen to the world. Bullying needs to stop NOW! I've been bullied in elementary school, i showed weakness and i never told an adult. I never stood up to them, and now i regret it.

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Stand up for yourself! You won't regret it! Stronger people stand up for other people. I was never bullied throughout my life, but I have seen it, and I also know what victims are going through thoughts of suicide, dropping grades.

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Bullying is a virus to our future, and it needs to be healed in order to have a bright future. Stay strong no matter what comes to you, because when in doubt, just know you will have a way out. Every site I go to says the same thing. Go to a teacher or trusted adult and report the bullying.

Are they joking? I told him when he tries to do that, ask the kid loudly if he is gay or something and quit trying to touch him!

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This worked and that's all that counts to me. I'm sorry if any gay person takes offense.

The next time was about my son accidentally passing gas in class. The bully brought it up every day.

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My son has a great sense of humor and I told him to use that to make the teasing stop. The next day, he told the kids he didn't fart that that's the sound spiders make when they sneeze and there was a "barking spider" behind him on the wall.

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I looked up a few jokes about "farts" that he could make. The teasing stopped the next day. I have also emailed the teacher and principal to be certain it isn't ignored when he has been bullied and asked them to not indicate him in any way. They have been very good at handling the situation without pointing fingers and it does help. There should be a class in school that would teach kids how to cope with others.

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We have a lot of buiness courses on how to conduct yourself in certain situations. Why not teach them early? Not even the two girls that were waiting for the walk signal.. So to be young, be bullied so bad, and no adult help was hard Now, even in High school, bullies rain, but in a way of secrecy so they are not caught.

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Students desire a safe haven at home and school and problems with bullies lead to insecurity in the victim. Bullying should be taken seriously and teachers, administrators and parents should work together to find solutions. Bullying can cause life-long negative psychological effects on a victim of a bully. A victim will often suffer through the abuse because he is ashamed or he doesn't believe that change will happen if he tells.

He also may fear retaliation. A victim of a bully can end up fearful of others and may be unable to cope socially. A victim may become withdrawn and his school work may begin to suffer. A victim may turn around and bully someone he determines to be weaker, thus perpetuating the problem. A bully may also have life-long issues related to bullying. The Center for Problem Oriented Policing gives some examples for why a bully turns to picking on someone weaker such as abusive influence in the home and peer group influence. If the peers of the bully agree that someone is socially different, they may encourage the bully's behavior.

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According to a study by the Fight Crime Organization, nearly 60 percent of boys who researchers classified as bullies in grades six through nine were convicted of at least one crime by the age of The bully may be experiencing abuse at home or have problems adjusting at school so he lashes out at someone weaker. Schools can set up programs to educate all students from a young age about the dangers and effects of bullying.

Try to stop the problem before it starts by setting up parameters for students when faced with bullying. Offer a safe environment for students to discuss problems they may have with another student. Set a policy related to bullying, such as required counseling for the bully and victim and a scale of disciplinary actions, such as required community service, depending on the severity of the case. Educate all teachers on how to deal with bullying in the classroom effectively through one-on-one interaction with the student, setting up meetings with parents of bullies and victims, or when and how to remove a violent bully from the classroom.

Monitor areas where students have less supervision to prevent bullies from easy opportunities to bully.